1. Do you ship to my state?: Yes, we ship US Nationwide including Puerto Rico
  2. Where are you located?: We are located in📍Bay Ridge Brooklyn, NY
  3. Can I pickup my order? Yes, DM me and I will provide a convenient pickup location in Bay Ridge Brooklyn
  4. How long does shipping take?: Delivery is 3-5 Business days and is free. Express Shipping is 1-2 Business Days and is available for $25 on top of your Cart Price. Your Tracking # will be sent in DM's after paying for your order
  5. How long til I feel effects? You will begin to feel effects within 30-60 minutes. After 60-90 min you are open to take more until desired effect is reached
  6. How long will my Trip last?  Allow up to 4-6 hours for the experience to fully take its course. Begin your journey in a comfortable and familiar space. Do not drive or operate heavy machinery during this time